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What is BlackHat SEO

BlackHat SEO, spamdexing, splogs, etc, is the use of techniques that attempt to get websites to the front of search engines but against search engines' Terms of Service (TOS). Blackhats and spammers continually change their tactics and techniques in order to stay ahead of search engines and their ability to identify spam and blackhat techniques.

Blackhat SEO and Spamming

BlackHat SEO, or spamdexing as it is also called, often uses spamming techniques in order to elevate a site. Techniques can include bombarding forums and website posts with a link back to the site being promoted. Other techniques of blackhats is to use coding within webpages that trick the search engines, including doorways, etc.

BlackHat Software

Many software application are written specifically for the blackhat SEO in mind or even more for new website owners that do not understand search engine optimization nor search engines. Many different SEO Blackhat applications are being marketed today that promotes websites through spamming forums, spamming blogs, posts, etc. The purpose is to make the offending website appear "more important" online through many multiple links.

Why SEO Pro's Use BlackHat Tecniques?

So-called SEO Professionals use blackhat techniques to quickly boot a site to the top of the search engines before the search engines discover what is happening and then de-lists them or bans them from the result pages. Sites that have been banned may opt for reinclusion after the problem(s) is fixed, however, that is not an ideal move at all.

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