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Gregory R. Roberts, MSSW in Organization and Planning

3509 Normandy Ave., #6, Dallas, TX 75205

Greg Roberts, a Dallas SEO Pro, has been a technical SEO writer for five years and is now devoted full-time to the search engine optimization field in order to help small and medium size businesses. Mr. Roberts is ethical, competent, maintains current industry knowledge and is dedicated to seeing clients efforts and investment materialize in a positive way toward search visibility proven through SEO reports.

Many organic search strategies are used by Dallas SEO Pros including, quality link building, structured copywriting, keyword research, blogs, articles and social media.

SEO-Metro.com has been around for five years but has mostly used the site for experimentation and SEO forensics while not necessarily trying to monetize the site until recently in the last of 2012.For now, back to work...Greg does not "go this venture alone", but is a mentor among the World-Class, TRUE SEO Professionals. More Dallas SEO Pros are coming on-board to give a full complement to Metro's search enginge optimization company.

Now the campaign is on to prove to potential clients the talent possessed, the love of SEO and the drive to take Metro to the top of desired keywords...

the battle continues...

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