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a9 A9 search engine is owned an operated by Amazon.com and has operated in Palo Alto, CA since October, 2003. It powers the search for Amazon and other ecommerce sites.

Alta Vista Altavista is a search engine company based in Sunnyvale, CA that was the first to index every word in an html document and store it for retrieval in 1995. Altavista was the first multi-language internet search and invented Babel Fish which translates pages to different languages.

AOL AOL, LLC formerly American Online, merged with Time Warner in 2000. They are the leading Internet Service Providers and claim to have over 112 million unique visitors monthly placing second in domestic web networks.

Ask.comAskJeeves Ask.com is formerly known as AskJeeves. Owned by IAC Search & Media, they proclaim to be the most authoritative search engine that produces search results not just by link popularity but by a number of calculations to deliver the most authoritative sites at that particular moment.

All the Web Allthweb.com is a search tool owned by Yahoo that uses Yahoo's database but presents results differently; it has a picture, video and audio search plus news.

Clusty Clusty offers metasearch capabilities and was formed in 2004 by a company called Vivisimo in Pittsburgh, PA.

DogPileDogpile.com, a registered trademark of InfoSpace Inc., uses several search engines to present results from Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live Search (formerly MSN), Ask.com, About.com, MIVA, LookSmart and other engines.

Excite Excite.com is an internet portal with its own search engine. In the 1990s it was a "dotcom" pioneer along with Yahoo! and Netscape.

Giga BlastGigaBlast was formed in 2000 and was made to index up to 200 billion pages with a minimal approach to hardware. The company also offers high-performance, real-time data retrieval and search engine capabilities for partner sites.

Google Searches Based in Mountain View, California, Google.com is the search engine giant. Google's mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

HotBot Search HotBot uses Ask.com or MSN.com as a selection for searches in its search box. It was one of the earliest search engines, launched in 1996 as a service of Wired Magazine. HotBot was acquired by Lycos in 1998 and today it is a front end search engine for Ask.com and Windows Live Search.

InfoSpace Inc.InfoSpace Searches Infospace.com founded in 1996 and provides meta searches through DogPile, FindIt! and other search entities.

InktomiInktomi was an earlier search engine started in 1996 and eventually sold to Yahoo! in 2002.

Looksmart Looksmart is an online advertising and technology company providing solutions for advertisers, publishers and consumers through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, banners and other products through its consumer web properties and ad distribution network; looksmart also offers its own proprietary "vertical", also known as "topical" or "vortal" specialty search sites.

Lycos Lycos began as a search engine project at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 and peaked in 1999 as the most visited web portal on earth. Today it represents a fraction of the traffic from its heyday in the late '90s.

Metacrawler metacrawler is a metasearch engine that uses Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, About, Miva and others. Originally created at the University of Washington it joined InfoSpace in 2000 and is still owned and operated by Infospace.

MixCat MixCat- A web design and hosting company that features a search engine.



Netscapte Netscape

DMOZ Open Directory Project dmoz- is an open directory project that submits websites by an editor's review which can take months and many sites are rejected for not meeting the requirements. Many search engines use the dmoz database such as AltaVista, A9, AOL, Ask.com, Clusty, Gigablast, Google, Lycos, Windows Live Search, WiseNut and Yahoo!.

Overture overture.com is now owned by Yahoo! and is part of its search marketing component.

TEOMA TEOMA was acquired by AskJeeves in 2001 and rebranded by Ask.com in 2006. Ask.com still refers the former "TEOMA algorithm" as "ExpertRank algorithm".

WiseNut WiseNut.com is a search engine of LookSmart.com.

Yahoo! YAHOO

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