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Texas SEO Frequently Asked Questions (f.a.q.)

1. Once we commit to Metro's Texas SEO Company how do we know what progress is being taken?

A. Metro always stays in touch with clients and submits a regular search engine optimization report to clients, weekly, monthly and quarterly, so they understand what steps of action are being taken to ensure their site is on the way to better search engine positioning.

2. Does Metro perform any techniques to get our website banned from the search engines?

A. NO; absolutely not. The techniques Metro's Texas SEO undergo are proven, logical moves that are basic to complex search engine optimization techniques guaranteed to enhance your website visibility.

3. When will our company start seeing results?

A. Alot of results depend upon the competition for the keywords clients strive for. Low competitive keywords and keyword phrases will see quicker results than highly sought after keywords. Another dependent factor is if links are submitted to directories (this technique may be suspended upon further review in 2013) it may be necessary to wait until the links are posted and indexed by the search engines.

4. Are there any obstacles for new websites?

A. Metro's Texas SEO has discovored some search engines such as Google and Yahoo apply "filtering" to new websites. The reason for filters is that there has been so much spam by webmasters who set a site up just for short term financial gain with software generated content offering little to internet users but deceptively getting traffic. The filter also relates to a "trust" issue in this sense and the longer a site is up and running with content the more trust it gains. The "filter" for new websites appears to be 3 months according to Metro's Dallas SEO professionals.

5. Why doesn't Metro submit my website to search engines?

A. Metro's Dallas SEO service use a sound marketing campaign that ensures your site will be found shortly and indexed. Primary search engines will desire you website and want to index it if the proper, relevant content and the ability to completely crawl the entire website is established.

6. What rankings do you guarantee?

A. Texas SEO doesn't guarantee rankings. Guaranteeing ranking is based on nothing but "hypotheticals". Algorithms change frequently, competition changes frequently, links change, etc. The best guarantee for your success is to go into a long-term strategic plan. We can show you the success we have with other sites that rank well with some ranking on the first page against tens of millions of documents; that's right.

7. Are there going to be major changes to my site?

A. There must be changes for the search engine optimization to be improved. Java script, heavy graphics, flash media, etc. may have to be changed in order to be search friendly.

8. How are you going to build popularity for my site? Will you use other firms?

A. All of our work is done by us and NO work is contracted on a third party basis unless you are directly informed which will be done by contract with all three parties. We personally engage in a link campaign that will give positive results, lasting long-term with a nice link profile. Metro will also utilize press releases and article writing if necessary to build fast and long lasting results.

A.9. What should I be expected to provide?

Clients should understand that this is a partnership in order to bring Your Business success in search engine exposure. Metro's Texas SEO must have cooperation in order to bring the best success and flow of the optimization process to fruition. Clients must be committed to taking some time and making changes to provide optimized copywriting. A good, solid partnership with is the best way to proceed and one in which our clients trust us and understand that we strive to bring the best possible solutions, one-by-one, step-by-step, to get you further up the search engine result pages.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions (f.a.q.)

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