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April 27, 2007- Microsofts first quarter report of 2007 for online services increased by 11% yielding $623 million. The search engine marketing news report claims that increase in the number of searches and increase in revenue per search, according to an article at SearchEngineLand.

April 22, 2007- Performics a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company was bought out by Google when Google purchased DoubleClick. Speculation is abound about what will happen with Performics as it would seem to be an ethical conflict with a search engine company having its own search engine optimization company.

April 21, 2007- Click-fraud has increased to 14.8% in the first quarter of 2007, according to Click Forensics of Austin, TX, up from 14.2% for the last quarter of 2006.. Also, interesting to note that search terms over $2.00 per click had up to 22.2% click fraud for the first quarter up from 20.9% for the last quarter of 2006.

In the end, the one paying for the click fraud is the advertiser who is already paying a premium for pay-per-clicks. Search Engine Marketers have to follow the fraud closely in order to protect themselves and clients.

April 18, 2007- Information Week reports that consumer-generated content is a concern to media company execs, according to Accenture's Annual Report. almost 70% of respondents to Accenture's Search Enngine Marketing survey acknowledged amateur reports, interviews, camera shots, videos, etc. The Search Engine Marketing report says that respondents will have to grow and adapt to the challenge and will eventually include the social media reports within their media coverage.

The Accenture Survey included top executives from advertising, publishing, film, radio, internet, television, video games and other media. 60% of respondents were from North America and 40% were from Europe.

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