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August 27, 2007- Students at Cornell University trust Google rankings over the relevance of the search query. The study was conducted on 22 undergraduate students with various degrees. The students chose links that were higher in the search results regardless of the relevance of the link in the snippet given in the title description.

The results of the study conclude that people making large amounts of money on Google will continue to make huge sums of money regardless of the quality of the product while smaller ventures with a potentially better product will continue to struggle in the amount of sales against higher ranking sites.

August 16, 2007- Google is buying some companies in China and investing in more companies within China, according to a PCWorld article. Google follows behind the number one search engine market company, Baidu.com, but Google executives say they will eventually take their competitor's number one position. The companies being purchased or invested in are still unknown and the technologies of the companies are also undisclosed at the moment.

August 9, 2007- Google just released its S.E.C. 10-Q filing. Google also explains its risk and vulnerabilities with online search engine marketing businesses in competition within the 10-Q filing: (a) significant competition from MSN and Yahoo, (b) competition with other internet companies, (c) competition from traditional media companies, (d) Google is expecting a revenue decline, (e) operating results fluctuate which may reflect in short results, (f) must remain innovative and provide new products and services to remain competitive and not suffer in revenue decline, (g) revenue is almost entirely advertising driven and cannot suffer loss of advertisers, (h) Google relies heavily on its Network Members and must not lose these members to other competitors offering similar services, (i) Google must manage its rapid growth, (j) must maintain strong branding and finally (k) acquisitions could result in problems such as dilution, operating difficulties and other negative consequences.

August 4, 2007- Answers.com's recent Press Release has stated the company's internet traffic is down 28% due to Google changing its algorithm. The CEO of the company said it has relied to heavily on search engines in the past and was one of the heavy decisions to purchase Dictionary.com.

Answer.com needs to look at its content as Google has small algorithmic changes daily not major shift changes as has been seen in the past.

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