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July 24, 2007- Click Fraud rose another point to increase in the second quarter to almost 16%, according to Click Forensics. The company reported that botnets doubled and were responsible for a significant rise in click fraud for the second quarter.

July 24, 2007- AOL has announced that it is acquiring Tacoda, a behavioral targeting ad network and technology company. AOL owns Advertising.com where behavioral targeting will be incorporated on the largest online network ad. Behavioral targeting is a form of personalization that has taken off on Google and Yahoo.

July 20, 2007- Google's revenues are up over 58% from 2006 for the second quarter. They had revenue's of $3.8 billion and were up 3% over the first quarter. Google paid about 30% of the revenue to distribution partners with $1 billion paid in Traffic Acquisition Cost (TAC). Google's operating expenses increased in the quarte to an extra 5% to $1.2 billion with half of that contributed to salaries and an increase of 1,500 employees.

July 17, 2007- Answers.com is to buy Dictionary.com for $100 million, according to Ansers press release. Answers is acquiring Lexico Publishing Group, LLC owner of Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com and Reference.com. Lexico had 11.5 million users in June '07 which is going to make Ansers.com a leader in online references. It is speculated that the addition of Lexico Publishing will increase traffic overall of Answers Corporation to over 22.5 million unique users each month bringing the company to #28 for U.S. web properties.

July 12, 2007- Google is starting their Mobile Adwords in Beta. Mobile Adwords will allow users to connect to mobile websites, users can call numbers directly on websites, schedule ads where users call businesses during business hours, etc. Adword purchasers will pay when users click the ads and call businesses from the ads and Adword purchasers may set their daily limit and will easily be able to create and edit ads.

July 2, 2007- Yahoo is binging forth a new ad campaign, SmartAds. The campaign has the functional capabilities of target audiences based on demographic, geographic or behavioral profiles or a combination of all three. Yahoo has been performing this ad distribution but reports what is unique is the "creative assembly platform" that allows the advertiser to personalize the ads.

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