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June 27, 2007- SEMPO has recently opened its Advanced Search Advertising course with 13 lessons. The courses are designed to help marketers with PPC, bidding and ranking, click fraud, SPAM, alternative search engines and more for $2,250.

June 22, 2007- Business.com is up on the auction block and is estimated to sell for $300 to $400 million, according to Wall Street Journal Online. The domain was purchased in 1999 for a reported $7.5 million which set a record for the most expensive purchased domain name; professional online marketers laughed in '99 over the purchase.

June 19, 2007- Google is building a new data center in Iowa for a reported $600 million. Google purchases 1,185 acres of which only 55 acres will currently be used with the other acreage to be available in the future, according to SearchEngineLand.com.

June 14, 2007- eMarketers report, "Behavioral Targeting: Advertising Gets Personal", projects that $1 billion will be spent for online targeted advertising in 2008 which will nearly quadruple by 2011. The report claims that the US only represent 11% in the 2008 figure.

June 13, 2007- eBay has removed its Adwords from U.S. Google search. The dispute between the two giants happened when Google was throwing a party for its Google Checkout feature that coincided with eBay Live party in Boston. eBay has refused to use Google Checkout and it appears Google planned the party to compete with the eBay party in a sort of protest for refusing to use their service. eBay pulled their Adwords campaign and in the meantime Google has canceled their Checkout Party, Let Freedom Ring.

June 6, 2007- Google testifies before the US House Judiciary Oversight Committe looking at the business communities' perspective on immigration change. Laszlo Bock, one of Google's Vice Presidents, testified on the status of Google and its need for foreign workers and those foreign workers with H-1B status saying it is necessary for their business, according to News.com.

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