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May 31, 2007- Ebay has purchased the search engine StumbleUpon for around $75 Million. Ebay reports that 'StumbleUpon is a great fit within their philosophy of creating new communities geared for trusted commerce'. StumbleUpon has a reported 2.3 million user base and also incorporates their own toolbar within web browers.

May 31, 2007- SearchEngineLand's recent article from Stoney deGeyter points out several thoughts to guide website owners through search engine optimization strategies. The author points out that with "quality copywriting, link building, usability testing, data analysis, and the myriad of social networking opportunities that seem to spring up over night" the process can be daunting. The right approach is to determine a plan of action and decide how much energy will be devoted to the search area of SEO.

May 30, 2007- YellowPages.com announces that it is expanding its sales staff across the United States to target local communities that have yet to been targeted by other yellow pages and local search engines. The company says it plans to double its staff, now around 500 and its offices.

May 18, 2007- Google is rumored to be in negotiations with Feedpower a feed management, analytics and advertising company. It appears Google would like to purchase the company for $100 million and likes the company for its RSS feeds and the advertising included within it.

May 10, 2007- Google removed some news sources from Google News after Playfuls[dot] com was abusing the algorithm to get its stories into the listings. Google reported that several sites were deemed not to be news sources and were removed from its news results.

May 4, 2007- YouTube is partnering with popular users to share revenue. This is a new program and only invited attendees are allowed to participate. The users will be able to control monetization of the content they create and YouTube will place advertisements next to the user's content.

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