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Dallas Search Engine Marketing (SEM)-News Sep. '07:

September 26, 2007- Rumors hold that Microsoft is looking to buy a 5% stake in Facebook; if that is so, Facebook would be worth an estimated $10 billion.

September 11, 2007-Balihoo Search Engine has announced that its beta program will now include media companies; previously the company only opened its doors to media buyers, advertising firms and major national advertisers. The Boise, Idaho company claims to be the first and only vertical search engine in the advertising media industry.

September 5, 2007- Yahoo purchased Blue Lithium for $300 million. Blue Lithium was started in 2004, claims more unique visitors than the big 3 search engines and has 10 offices worldwide. Blue Lithium is the 2nd largest ad network in the UK and the 5th largest ad network in the United States. Blue Lithium targets behavioral and demographic ad performance that Yahoo! hopes will make them a leader in ad delivery.

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