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Aug. '07:

August 27, 2007- Grayboxx has spent more than a year developing a methodology of local search collection based on user experience and reporting, according to the staff. The company claims it is going to offer more relevant local searches through "leveraging intelligent, patent-pending algorithms". This will be a 'wait and see' event.

August 17, 2007- The search engine FastSearch will lay off 148 people from all over the world in an effort to downsize. 2006 and 2007 saw the company hire 400 people but the firm quickly found out it was too technologically and sales driven.

August 10, 2007- Matt Cutts explains on his blog that underscores are still not word separators at the moment. Mr. Cutts said that Google is looking at the prospect and those having underscores is probably not worth their time to change them to hyphens.

August 8, 2007- Spock the people search engine when into beta today. The search engine specializes in "people search" and now appears among other vertical search engines. Spock seeks to elliminate the "noise" that comes through people searches on other search engines. Interesting to note is that WhitePages.com is repositioning itself as it faces competition.

August 2, 2007- Google has hinted that underscores will now be seen as word separators in URLs as the past has seen Google recognizing hyphens as word separators in URLs. MSN Live and Yahoo treat the underscore as word separators so a URL with search_engine_optimization may be indexed as if it were search-engine-optimization.

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