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July 27, 2007- Search Wikia has acquired Grub from LookSmart. Grub is a didtributed web crawler platform that searches the world wide web for pages to index. Crawlers of major search engines operate from large data centers that crawl the WWW for information but Grub is installed on personal computers and runs in the background. Wikia has made Grub an open source project and with thousands of Grub clients installed on many thousand personal computers the results could be quiet impressive. Readers can help the project by downloading the Grub client.

July 27, 2007- Google has made live Robot Exclusion Protocol; to have a webpage removed after a certain date users can introduce the unavailable_after tag and users would write the tag> <META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="unavailable_after: 12-Jun-2020 13:00:00 EST"> doing so will have the page removed from results the following day.

July 17, 2007- Google has launched its Custom Search Business Edition geared toward small and medium size businesses that is similar to the Google Custom Search but with more features and support. The search product starts at $100/year for searches of up to 5,000 pages up to $500 for searches up to 50,000 pages. The extras for the business search product include customized search results, optional ads, email and phone support and the ability to turn off the Google logo on the search box.

July 12, 2007- Microsoft Live Search had a large spike in traffic due to its Live Search Club and prizes given away to users who had the most searches. The company reports that bots were not counted but actual human users and that the company expects to retain those users. Live search increased significantly this year while May to June saw a rise of search queries from 8.4% to 13.2%, according to a blog by Compete.com.

July 12, 2007- Google is introducing a new tag called “unavailable_after” that lets the googlebot know that the page is no longer to be crawled, according to an article on SearchEngineLand. The tag will be of value when information expires and is no longer relevant to a page.

July 6, 2007- Google closed at an all-time high on Thursday by rising $7.29 to $541.63. The stock is up 17% for the year and has Google's cap at $169 billion and ranks among the top 25 companies traded in the U.S.

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