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June 29, 2007- An article on Forbes.com entitled "The Sabateurs of Search" explain how negative SEO can be used to devalue competitors websites. Tactics are used such as "Google Bowling" (link spamming), tattling, copyright take-down notices, duplicate content, denial of service (DOS), click fraud and "Google Insulation where blogs are created to float the content over the top of the competitors on the result pages.

June 25, 2007- A small startup search company in Tacoma, WA called SearchForItHere [dot] com is confident it can survive with a local search effort. The small company has three employees, according to an article on the Seattle Times website. The company is charging $39.99 per month for listings which they say is less than Google's Adwords or other paid search on lesser search engines where businesses are charged each time someone clicks on the displayed ad called "pay-per-click". They expect $25,000 a month by November. SEO Metro will follow up in November.

June 22, 2007- The European Union privacy watchdog groups have opened the probe on search engine retention data from Google to its search engine competitors, according to an article on TheRegister. Some of the competitors include, Yahoo, Lycos and Microsoft Live. Google has sofar agreed to limit its data retention from two years down to eighteen months.

June 19, 2007- Web Targeted recently acquired SEO.com for a reported $5 million. Web Targeted has moved their site to the new domain and said it will get a new logo, build a new site, and have lots of SEO tool, articles, tips, resources and insight into the SEO/SEM industry, etc.

June 13, 2007- The Search Engine Professional Organization has just certified its first applicants for their search engine optimization course. SEMPO also has started offering an advanced SEO course along with an Advanced Search Advertising course. All courses are offered online including the exams.

June 13, 2007- Google Analytics is moving out of Beta with new bug fixes and is adding new features based on feedback. Among the new features are: ability to click on external links, view stats by the hour or by the day, easier ability to combine an Adwords account to Google Analytics, US search engine Mama.com has been added along with new French search engines, an increase in the amount of table rows on a page from 100 to 500, and a few other new features have been added.

June 5, 2007- Google has updated its webmaster guidelines in clearer more defined detail, particulary directed toward search engine optimization.Webmasters should avoid techniques such as: hidden text or hidden links, cloaking or sneaky indirects, automated queries to Google, loaded pages with irrelevant keywords, duplicate content, pages that install viruses, trojans or other scripts known as malware, "doorway pages" created just for search engines and affiliate sites that contain little useful knowledge for users.

Abusers of the above stated tactics may be blocked from Google's index. Those webmasters who believe their sites may not be in compliance may submit their site again for reinclusion.

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