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May 30, 2007- Wikipedia is asking for SEO experts to help edit and contribute to their Search Engine Opitimization article. The problem the SEO experts see is that anyone can come onto to the page and edit the article. One optimizer stated that all the work put into the article could just be wiped out wasting everyones time. Wikipedia should just "lock" the pages when done and only allow trusted overseers to unlock the pages for editing, cutting down on abuse.

May 18, 2007- Google Universal Search has gone live where a search result will list videos outside of Google's own websites. This will prove a win for amateur video producers to become known.

May 9, 2007- Matt Cutts, one of Google's engineers, discusses on his blog how the search engine handles websites with malware. Websites that distribute malware will be filtered from Google's search results.

May 4, 2007- Microsoft is meeting with Yahoo to discuss a merge once again in order to pursue its number one rival Google, according to the New York Post. Shares in Yahoo increased 15% during midday trading. The deal is worth a reported $50 billion while Yahoo's market capitilization was $38 billion yesterday. An industry analyst says the Microsoft merge is unlikely as some of the services between the two companies would be duplicated but possibly that Microsoft may want to purchase Yahoo's online search advertising.

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