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Seo-Metro has several SEO Pricing packages to choose from:

Basic Search Engine Optimization Pricing Plan: Provides search engine optimization for up to ten pages and provides 100 one-way inbound links.

Intermediate Plan: Provides search engine optimization for up to twenty-five pages and 250 one-way inbound links.

Gold plan: Provides search engine optimization for up to fifty pages and 500 one-way inbound links.

SEO Metro can also perform individual tasks that would improve sites from the standpoint of search engine optimization alone, consulting only, quality link building, copywriting and statistical analysis.

***Please note that any of our plans are customized to fit each client and each package is designed to be enhanced in any manner a client may wish.

SEO Pricing Categories:

  1. Review of site plus consulting
  2. Manual editing of pages and coding
  3. Manual link building campaign- NO software used; quality link text and descriptions ONLY
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Viral content development and marketing
  6. Ongoing SEO work priced on a monthly basis

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Search Engine Optimization Pricing

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