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Metro's Texas SEO researches keywords and competitors sites to establish the best keywords for short term traffic and best of all long term traffic. Good keywords are a necessity in driving targeted traffic toward sites; traffic that has the potential to be converted into paid visitors. Keyword research is needed to choose good keywords and keyword phrases that users type into the search engines to bring client' sites to the top, providing the best SEO benefits possible. In the newspaper business this is called the 'upper fold' which sells advertising for premium pricing.

Keywords are also important in helping to develop a healthy link profile with varied link text anchors and relevant text surrounding the link. This is one of the metrics used by search engines to measure the quality of the link which can be greater page rank and end result better positioning in the search results.

Broad and Narrow-tailed Keywords

Metro's Texas Search Engine Optimization employs specific pages to be designed that focus on choosing good keywords. Research will be performed and the page will be optimized with SEO copywriting to give unique content that will be properly indexed by the search engines. Good Keywords can be divided into two categories: Broad keywords and Long-tailed keywords. An example would be 'SEO' as a very broad keyword while 'Texas SEO' is more narrow, 'Dallas SEO' even more narrow and the very end of this geographic keyword set of phrases would be 'Highland Park SEO', a city surrounded by Dallas proper, a much less entered search term. On the end of the spectrum, choosing a too narrow-tailed keyword could generate little or no traffic.

Ideally, the broader search term where a website can reach the first few SERP pages the better. This can be done but the amount of worked/effort for search engine optimization can generally be judged by the amount of documents shown in search results for that particular search term; the more documents competed against, the higher degree of difficulty/work.

Texas SEO Avoids Mistakes in Choosing Keywords:

  1. Accepting a keyword or phrase that is too broad and too competitive
  2. Choosing a keyword that is too narrow and will bring little if any traffic
  3. Modifiers to keywords that may change over time
  4. Seasonal Keywords
  5. Keywords that are not searched
  6. Single Keywords
  7. Keywords not associated with the website and/or business
  8. Concentrate on ten or fewer keywords to avoid spread out resources and higher costs to achieve success

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