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A link profile is the sum of all the inbound links that point toward the domain and individual pages from outside sources. The entire link collection can be analyzed and assessed to determine the date of the links made (if available), the strength of the links and also the quality by determining the surrounding text and other links along with the page rank of the particular page the links are located on, not just the page rank of the index page of the website of the placed links.

We can analyze the links to determine necessary steps in creating a better link profile and rest assured the search engines continue to evolve thier code to better ascertain link quality and overall link profiles.

Some critical elements that constitute a link profile are:

  • where the link resides on the page- beginning, middle or in the footer?
  • what text surrounds the link? Is it topically related carrying the same type semantics?
  • how many links are on the page?
  • is the page the link is on rank for keywords or phrases that relate to the link?
  • what about the other links in the page? Do they appear spammy or unnatural?
  • what is the page rank of the page the link resides?
  • is the page regularly updated?
  • is the linking process growing over time or does it spike periodically?
  • does the main website the link on have authoritative inbound links?

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