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Metro's Texas SEO quality link building uses semantic link building in order to produce the best, sound inbound links. Quality Link Building is a search promotion process necessary for a site to achieve good results in the search engines. It is not necessarily the amount of links that lead in to a site but the quality of links. A few characteristics of "quality" would assume relevancy to your website. A website about 'Wine' should have links pointing to it from other sites about Wine not about beer or whiskey for the best results. One way of achieving good quality link building using relevant links and deep-linking is to create similar high-quality web pages on a blog that relates to the industry topic.

Also a myth by some so-called SEO Professionals will use scare tactics and tell its clients that it ensures quality link building that will not get your site banned by the search engines through links placed in poor-ranking webpages or web directories; pure bunk as of Jan. 2013 through our research! Dallas SEO Carefully may use some low-ranked web directory pages that do show benefit. Search engines do not ban sites because some bad sites may point to them with links. No one can control who links to their sites.

A good quality link factor is Page Rank(PR) factor (a Google term) where the link is listed. A website about Wine that has another wine site with a PR5 pointing to it is very good and has alot of weight with search engines. The quality of that page for a PR5 is what particularly search engines weigh along with the relevancy of information within the PR5 site when outbound links from the page point to another site. All these inbound links to a website create a link profile that helps search engines determine the relevance and importance of that website and any webpages the link(s) points.

Possible Metrics Considered by Search Engines for Quality Inbound Links

  1. Reciprocal or One-way links. Reciprocal links are not given as much weight as one-way links; Dallas SEO uses no reciprocating links.
  2. The number of links on a page. The fewer links that a page has outbound to another page the better.
  3. Page Rank. A Google term, however, other search engines consider the rank of a page with their own formula.
  4. Link maturity. The longer a link has been in place the more weight it is given.
  5. Page maturity. The older a page is may have more weight, however, the link age may likely be the weight given.
  6. Location of the link on a page. Links toward the beginning of the page may have more weight than those farther down the page.
  7. Anchor text of the link. Pages will rank better for that specific keyword or phrases but those keywords should vary to increase that pages rank.
  8. The text surrounding the link. The text around the link is not as important as the link itself but still gives weight to the actual text link.
  9. The number of links on a page. Generally speaking the less links on the page the better.
  10. Topically related sites are best. Topics that relate to the site being linked is given more weight.
  11. Topically related pages are given more weight. Pages with unrelated topics are given less weight than a page with topically related information.
  12. The Authority of the Site. Last but definitely not least is the authority a site has, i.e. .gov, dmoz.org, etc.

Our Texas SEOensures that inbound links will have relevant, good keywords and copywriting surrounding the text links that strengthens the links and inturn helps the website without shady and dodgy links in nonrelevant sites.

A few facts about link building

  • New sites will not benefit as well from links until the site has aged some giving more trust and authority.
  • Newly acquired links themselves must be given some age to mature in order to get full benefits from the search engines.
  • Older sites can more easily obtain alot of links during a period without affecting them negatively as long as they don't have only a few links inbound before a big link campaign.
  • Google claims lately as of 2012 that web directories, forums and press releases have been devalued as links i.e. not having much weight to affect sites it links.

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