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Metro recognizes quality SEO Copywriting is necessary for a site to achieve good results in the search engines with multiple keywords and keyword phrases that are specific to the topic of the website. Multiple keywords that each have specific pages will generate much more traffic than just a few pages that stick to the singular topic of the website. An example is this page on the subtopic of Copywriting within the main topic, search engine optimization, with pages of subtopics about quality link building, SEO terms, search engines, search optimizationt news, etc.

Purpose of Quality Copywrite

Good SEO copywriting helps to ensure visitors will stay longer to read valuable information versus information that is geared solely for search engines. Metro provides copywrite information that is geared toward visitors and not specifically for search engines but maintains a balance with a visitor friendly website. Another characteristic of good quality copywriting Metro provides is compiling research on specific topics and subtopics and writing quality material and information that visitors desire.

Research Goals for Copywirite

Relevant keywords and keywords phrases are researched for their popularity in order to naturally drive desirable traffic to the specific pages. Popular searched keywords and phrases are those terms that users enter into the search engines looking for those topics.

Quality SEO Copywriting can increase the amount of related search terms that allow sites to be found within the search engine result pages through research by Metro's Texas SEO. The more related search terms that are optimized within a website will naturally bring more desirable traffic with visitors seeking those particular keywords and keyword phrases. Optimally, no more than two to three keywords will be used on each page; more keywords will water the page down and weaken it.

SEO Copywriting Strategy

  • Research, brainstorming and writing strategies for the specific topics
  • Develop a plan to develop relevant content
  • Write content
  • Proof read content and improve
  • Publish
  • Study the search metrics results over time

Behind the Scenes

Metro utilizes many behind the scenes scenarios to create and execute plans to:

  1. to better position products through brainstorming and discussion with professionals to develop avenues for effective approaches
  2. look to target specific, effective advertisment
  3. specifically copywrite for different media distribution; written ads, local news or advertising publications, newspapers, radio, television, etc.
  4. investigate new avenues to better deliver products
  5. works with field experts to better improve copywrite, assignments and unique concept to boost product visibility

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