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Free SEO Gadgets- Tools


Keyword Tools

1. Keyword Tools- Google keywords tool; developed for Adwords

Keyword Density Checker

1. Keyword Density Checker by WebConfs

Free Tools to Check for Backlinks

1. Ahrefs- must register but provides interesting backlink insite and dynamic metrics.

2. Backlink Watch- checks website's backlinks

Free Online Sitemap Generator

1. Online .XML Sitemap Creator- enter a website to generate an .xml sitemap to submit to google and enter into the root domain in the webhost provider

Free Broken Link Checker

1. Xenu- software for checking broken links on websites

Online- Free Multiple SEO Tool Sites

1. SEOBook Tools- a plethora of online SEO tools from Aaron Wall

2. Small SEO Tools- has many stand alone SEO tools

Google Tools

1. Google Analytics- statistics/metrics can be measured after the Google Analytics code is inserted in the .html of each desired webpage

2. Google Webmaster Tools- many SEO tools that helps identify and resolve problem areas

Page Rank Checker

1. Page Rank Checker- checks for Google Page Rank

Full Software SEO Suites (free or pro versions)

1. SEO PowerSuite- free or professional version SEO tools

2. SerpAttacks- free or pro SEO suite

3. traffic travis- free and paid profession SEO tools

Dallas SEO

Search Engine Optimization Tools- Texas SEO

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